Sunday, January 2, 2011


2011 has begun, although this is generally a slow time of year. A long stretch of bitter cold froze everything in the garage, although some milder weather moved in over the past week and a half and thawed everything out. I finally moved 3 trays of first-year seedlings into the greenhouse about a week before Christmas. I moved another two trays today, and noticed a few of the ones that got moved in before Christmas starting to send up new pitchers. I probably should've moved everything in sooner, as I don't think first-year seedlings can take freezing too well, but so far, just about everything at least looks like it's still alive. A few seedlings look like they may have perished, but I'm not counting them out yet. One of the seedlings showing some new growth looked like it was dead to me, but low-and-behold, there's a new shoot. I also moved some seeds from stratification into the greenhouse, they were put into stratification around the 20th of November. I'll be moving more into the greenhouse, in batches, during the coming weeks, as they were put into stratification in batches up to about mid-December. I also have another couple of trays of younger plants that will go into the greenhouse soon.
During the past week I finished trimming off the rest of my plants and noticed several 3-year-old plants that can definitely be divided. I was actually amazed how well-developed the rhizomes are on some of them. I will be watching closely over the next few weeks, as they get moved into the greenhouse, to see if any flowers develop on these youngsters, as I had one plant from this cohort bloom this past fall.

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