Monday, February 1, 2010

My Collection

Here is what I have as of today:

MiniBog #1 (2006)
The oldest minibog and in definite need of dividing this spring.
S. (oreophila 'Sand Mtn' x flava) x leucophylla
S. alabamensis x oreophila
S. oreophila x 'willisii'
S. x 'Lady Bug'
S. x 'Love Bug'
S. x 'June Bug'
S. x 'Red Bug'
S. x 'Doodle Bug'
S. x catesbaei F2
S. x unknown - probably psittacina x rubra

MiniBog #2 (2007)
S. x 'Judith Hindle'
S. purpurea x flava
S. (rubra x oreophila) x purpurea
S. minor x psittacina
S. oreophila
S. purpurea x psittacina
S. 'Wilkerson's Red' x 'Flies Demise'
S. leucophylla x purpurea
S. (rubra x oreophila) x (purpurea x flava)

MiniBog#3 (2009)
S. x 'Mardi Gras'
S. x 'Ladies In Waiting'
S. x 'Scarlett Belle'
S. x 'Red Sumatra'
S. x 'Imhotep'
S. x 'Cobra Nest'
S. x 'Dixie Lace'
S. leucophylla 'Tarnok'
S. oreophila x purpurea
S. flava x purpurea
S. alata x leucophylla
S. (leucophylla x rubra) x [(purpurea x flava) x flava]
S. leucophylla x flava

Individually Potted Plants
I definitely want to get these moved into new minibogs as time/money permits.
S. x 'Red Blush'
S. x 'Cobra Nest'
S. oreophila x psittacina
S. x unknown (Bob Ziemer H2)
S. x unknown (all-green, but not antho-free, flava-ish, maybe some purpurea)
S. x 'Flies Demise'
S. purpurea x flava ornata
S. oreophila
S. flava rubricorpora
S. alata "Black" x flava "red"
S. (purpurea x leucophylla) x purpurea
S. leucophylla "yellow-flowered"
S. (leucophylla x minor) x (minor x psittacina)
S. minor
S. (leucophylla x psittacina) x flava
S. purpurea x rubra (antho-free)
S. x 'Abnorma' (2 different clones)
S. x 'Gin Goblin' (2 different clones)
S. x 'Judith Adrian' (3 different clones)
S. x 'Medusa'
S. x 'The Minor Hybrid'
S. x 'Roccoco'

I also have a ton of seedlings that sprouted in Feb. of '08 that are doing great.
I have one lone seedling from '09 left, and it too nearly died.
I have a ton of seeds that sprouted around Christmas 2009, and a bunch more that are about to be put into stratification. I will go into more detail on the seedlings in future posts, because they are much more exciting to me.

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