Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mid-April Flowers and Snow Showers

After hitting close to 80 degrees 8 days ago, I awoke Sat. morning to a thin layer of snow that fell overnight. I'm hoping the flower buds survive, it didn't get that cold (around 30F), it seems the flower buds are reasonably cold hardy as long as they haven't emerged too far. I covered my plants with a tarp Sat. night, and moved some in to the garage, as it the temps sunk into the upper 20's, combined with 30 mph winds. Now, we have a winter storm watch for tomorrow night/Wed. Right now, they're saying 6" of snow, but the track of the system still has some uncertainty. I know this isn't unusual for April in WI, but it isn't that often we get this kind of weather at this point in the year. All I can say, is it better be in the 70's every day in May, or I'm gonna take a hostage.
Sarracenia x catesbaei flower bud, covered by a mid-April snow

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