Thursday, April 14, 2011

Old Man Winter

Well, after a week or so of abnormally warm weather - we were in the 70's this past Sunday - the old man is deciding to come back for a visit. Forecasted lows for this weekend are in the upper 20's/low 30's, along with a weather system that will include a lot of wind and some rain/snow mixtures. We could get an inch or two, but I wonder how much will actually stick, considering the ground has warmed up a bit. This wouldn't be too terrible, but our warm spell has awoken with a bang many of my outdoor Sarracenia. I'm starting to see several flower buds emerging, and even a x catesbaei whose flower bud is about 2" tall now. that guy is always the first to flower. i'm also seeing some new pitchers starting to shoot up too. Past experiences have shown that freezing temps alone won't do any harm at this time of year, however, combining that with the wind we're supposed to get, that's what can kill off any emerging flower buds. At this point, I really don't want to drag everything back into the garage, so I may use a tarp or large sheet of plastic and try to cover everything at night.
I did not, nor have I yet, gotten around to dividing any plants. The warm weather this past weekend, combined with some unexpected company, led me to do a bunch of geocaching this past weekend, a family activity we've been itching to do as soon as the weather turned nice. So I'm shooting for sometime next week now, as I don't want to do it in the cold. I do have peat prepared for the divisions though!

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