Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Last of the Seeds...for now

Stratified my last batch of seeds, for the time being anyway. I have to try and remember that space is finite. I wrapped these, too, in paper towel, but I decided to soak them in peat tea that I brewed up, rather than just RO water. I figured this would be at least a little more natural. I also went ahead and soaked the ones from the previous post, even though they're pretty much ready to be planted now. I'll give them another week or two. Anyway, here's what I stratified:
-'Doreen's Colossus' x ('Leah Wilkerson' x oreophila)
-'Bud Wilkerson' x catesbaei 'Grande'
-'June Bug' - open pollinated
- x excellens - open pollinated
- mixed complex hybrids (ICPS)
- S. jonesii (ICPS)
- S. alabamenis (ICPS)

I also stratified several sets of 15 seeds, from my "seed bank" of open-pollinated species/hybrids collected over the years. I've kept them all in one envelope, so I have no idea what they are. I've got a few from this collection that are 2 yrs old now and there is really a nice diversity of pretty hybrids out of it. Anyway, I have a plan on doing a little research project with them. Basically, it will be similar to the purpurea fertilization study I mentioned in an earlier post, but a little more in depth. The treatments on these seeds will be as follows: Control (no treatment), treatment with foliar Miracid solution, treatment with soil application of Osmocote, treatment with Plant Helper (Trichoderma spp.), treatment with Miracid + Plant Helper, and treatment with Osmocote + Plant Helper. For those that don't know, Plant Helper is a microorganism that forms a symbiosis with plants, fighting off other soil-borne pathogens and supposedly increasing plant growth rates. I guess we will find out if it works on Sarracenia, and if so, how well. More info can be found at

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