Wednesday, February 16, 2011


In the midst of doing some pollinations in the greenhouse. I've been using 'Doreen's Colossus' as the father on 3 other plants so far: (oreophila x willisii) x open-pollinated, 'Tapestry', and leucophylla x flava rubricorpora. The last two should yield some nice looking plants, I think. The cross with the (oreophila x willisii) x OP, I'm not so sure what I'll get out of that. Probably just some large, mostly green oreophila-looking pitchers. Both plants don't have much color to them, but there was nothing else to pollinate it with at the time. I guess there could always be some surprises. Being open-pollinated, I have no idea what the father was. I'm guessing it was self-pollinated, but you never know. Also, with 'willisii' in the genetics, there's always a possibility of getting a more decumbent pitcher. Time will tell.

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