Sunday, April 3, 2011

Finally Some Decent Pics

Well, decent by the fact there's some decent growth occurring in the greenhouse. Sure enough, the morning I go to the greenhouse to take pics, it's very cloudy and rather dark in the greenhouse. The shots didn't turn out too bad, but it would've been nice to have some direct sunlight. It seems that's the only way I can get crisp photos with our camera. Anyway, a brief weather update. The snow that was being discussed has now been almost completely removed from the forecast, we're supposed to get some, mixed with rain, overnight and in the morning, but accumulations are expected to be minimal. After that, it looks like some slightly above average temps are moving in. The low on Monday night says 26F, after that, the lows are above freezing for the long term forecast, so my plan is to move the plants out of my garage on Tuesday, and hopefully get to dividing them this upcoming weekend. Now, onto the pics:

Sarracenia 'Odyssey' x leucophylla
This is 'Odyssey' x leucophylla, a plant I picked up at Oudean's Willow Creek Nursery last May.

Sarracenia 'Boob Tube' x open-pollinated
This is one of many open-pollinated 'Boob Tube' seedlings I have. I have some from my own 'Boob Tube' that are about 4-years-old now, and then another group of seeds that I got from Wes Buckner, and those are all 1-year-old now. This particular one looks very psittacina-esque, and is from the Wes Buckner batch. Most of the ones from his seeds are very psittacina-esque, whereas the ones from mine are more upright.

Sarracenia 'Boob Tube' x open-pollinated
Speaking of my open-pollinated 'Boob Tube' seedlings, here is one of the 4-year-olds. Actually, very reminiscent of the pod parent. The pic doesn't show it, but the pitchers on this plant all stick out at about a 45 deg. angle and have a snake-like appearance. This particular pitcher is about 12" long, so I can't wait to have a whole mess of them opened up.

Sarracenia leucophylla x flava var. rubricorpora
This is a leucophylla x flava rubricorpora hybrid, also aquired at Oudean's. I was there in early May, so there wasn't a whole lot of growth yet on any of her outdoor plants, so I was kind of just going on the tags when I picked plants out. I'm pleasantly surprised with how this one looks. Can't wait to see it when I move it outside into full sun. I've mentioned it before, but whoever designed the greenhouse didn't take into consideration sunlight angles and whatnot. The greenhouse doesn't get a whole lot of direct sun.

Sarracenia mitchelliana x 'Wilkerson's Red'
This is another 1-year-old from seeds I got from Wes B. This particular one is mitchelliana x 'Wilkerson's Red'. I'm liking the color development on this one, especially considering the sunlight levels in the greenhouse. Can't wait to see this one after a summer on my back deck. I actually had about 18 or so siblings of this plant, but the winter has not been kind and I'm probably down to about 8 or so.

Sarracenia (oreophila x minor) x leucophylla
Another Oudean's plant, (minor x oreophila) x leucophylla.

Sarracenia 'Doreen's Colossus'
Another one I picked up at Oudean's - 'Doreen's Colossus'. It's too bad the aphids picked on this one earlier, leading to the distorted appearance. I should've included my hand in the photo. These pitchers are enormous.

Sarracenia 'willisii' x leucophylla
Another 1-year-old from Wes B's seeds. This is 'willisii' x leucophylla. I know there's some controversy over S. 'willisii', and I don't know if he had a true willisii when he did this cross or what. I do have a lot of siblings of this, and they all more or less look like this.

Unknown Sarracenia hybrid
This is an unknown hybrid at 4 years old. For years, any flowers I didn't use in crosses, I just left to mother nature, and would put all of the seeds in one container, mix it up good, and plant some every year. This is one of those. It looks pretty close to a S. flava cuprea, but, it's hard to see in the photo, but there are a lot of small translucent spots on the lid and around the opening. They don't really look like the ones you see on S. leucophylla, more like the ones you sometimes see on S. alabamensis. I know I used to have a flowering flava cuprea, but never a flowering alabamensis. So I really don't know what this could have in it. Certainly looks like a flava x rubra hybrid. I'm still waiting for it to flower to maybe help clue me in.

Unknown Sarracenia hybrid
This is another unknown from the same batch of seeds mentioned in the above pic. No clue what this could all have in it, besides S. leucophylla. Perhaps some S. purp and maybe even S. minor. What's interesting, is I don't think I've had a flowering leucophylla until a year or two ago, and this plant is 4-years-old, so the leucophylla influence would have to be from a leuco hybrid. It is a pretty plant, with the pink coloration and all the white spots, however, it is fairly floppy, and a decent rainstorm will knock over most of the pitchers.

Sarracenia 'John Wyndham'
This is 'John Wyndham', a cross of (leucophylla x minor) x leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White'. I bought this from CA Carnivores last spring, and it pretty much did nothing last year, any new pitchers were no bigger than the ones it had when it arrived. This is its first pitcher this year and it is 15" tall, so I'm curious to see how this one looks by then end of summer. It's also another one the aphids especially liked, judging by the sort of misshapen look to it.

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