Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mid-January Update

Paid a visit to the greenhouse this morning, where all of my younger plants were moved recently. I also dropped off the rest of my seeds that were in cold stratification. I obseverd a lot of new growth on seedlings from last year, although there are still a good number that pretty much look dead. I'll keep them in there and hope for the best, but I don't feel too confident they are still alive. There are enough showing new growth that I don't feel too upset about it, but I definitely learned a lesson on seedlings this year. Some of the older (2-3 year old) seedlings are also waking up, and I even observed a flower bud, about 2" tall now, on a 3-year-old open-pollinated oreophila x willisii. Unfortunately, there will be nothing to cross it with, other than itself. So maybe someday I'll have some self-pollinated open-pollinated oreophila x willisii. Something to look forward to years from now.
I also checked on the seeds I had moved in there a little while ago. I don't remember the date off hand, but I did observe some germination! The first to sprout this year are a cross of S. oreophila x 'Toadmaster', which I got off Ebay. They just very recently sprouted, as there are no cotyledons visible yet, just the root shoots curved into the soil. I also observed one seed of S. flava x 'Medusa' just beginning to sprout. Hopefully, the rest of its siblings soon follow suit. The other two sets of seeds that were brought into the greenhouse with them show no signs of anything yet, but I will definitely be increasing the frequency of my visits now.
I still am meaning to get in there and divide some of the older seedlings that have multiple growth points, but life has just been too busy with the holidays, plus a death in the family, so I haven't really had much time to do anything. Hopefully things settle down now.

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